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April 30, 2018



​A fishing quote? Really? Yes indeedy, because that is exactly what engaging fans on Facebook is like. Once they are hooked, it is easy to reel them in. When that happens, and it will, here are a few bits of good “bait” to help with your goals of catching some fish on Facebook.


​Here’s some lures you might want to try:


Show Your Personality

Provide information about you, your company, your employees. The more fans can connect with you the more likely they are to follow your page. Celebrate today. Your kid’s birthday? Share it, relate it to an idea, ask fans how they celebrate their children’s birthdays. Make them a part of your business family.


Ask Fill in the Blank Questions

Crowd source for answers, and/or use a poll. Either option will engage your fans with just a few words and keep them coming back for more!


Keep it Simple!

Simple, easy to read posts make it no chore to follow your page. Don't overwhelm your viewers with long posts.

  • If you need to elaborate, attach a link to more information!

  • For an added SEO boost, attach a link to another page on your website! 


Get Creative When Sharing Photos

You may find that by Including text or graphics in your photos, especially a cute or funny caption (and a source credit) can hook quite a few fans. Facebook also gives photos more prominence in your followers news feeds.


Use News or Cultural Trends

Help fans more easily relate to you and your topic. Sharing your opinion, or better yet, asking for your followers opinions on a topic is a great way to get your audience involved. Just try to steer clear of topics that might promote a feeding frenzy in your comment section.


Ask For Likes

Yes, you can do that! Ask fans to like your post and to comment why. A simple call to action is great bait and a great way to get important feedback.


Recognize Your Fans

Have you ever commented on a post and gotten no response? Did that bother you? It does bother some people. Be sure you are taking the time to respond to comments made by your followers, even it is a simple “Thank you!”, can go a really long way. Engaging with your audience should be a priority.


Share Fans Content

Not only does it help fill out your content schedule, it adds a personal touch and shows you are paying attention to them. It’s a two way street.


Link to Other Platforms

​Link with Twitter and other social platforms so as many fans as possible can follow that bait. Your favorite fish might not know you are swimming in other social media ponds. Let them know where else they can find you!



Wow! Timing is so important! Most social media marketers will tell you that it's best to post to your page when people are most likely to look at your page. Exactly when to post can vary with your audience. Think about who you're trying to reach and when they will likely be looking for your content. Here are some good times to post!  

  • Between 6am and 8am, when people are getting up.

  • Between 11am and 1pm, when people are sitting for lunch

  • Between 6pm and 9pm, when people are home from work and relaxing.

Make sure you mix it up. Pictures, texts, quotes should not be posted with a pattern in mind. Keep it free and easy. Another important piece of information is to not overwhelm with too many posts. Stay tuned, we will get more specific into that topic, but no more that 3 a day is the rule to follow.


Assess Your Posts

Assess your posts for likes, time, replies, and shares. This will help you know what bait to use further down the line to target specific fans with exactly what they are after.

These are just a few of the ways you can bring more engagement to your Facebook page. Being connected with people through social media is a fun and fascinating way to grow your business or idea. Stop just standing on the shore. You can, with the right lures, bait your hook for millions of people. All with a simple like and share.


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